Huffington Post Highline

Huffington Post Highline's epic article explaining how millennials ended up the poorest generation since The Great Depression. I worked as illustrator, animator and design lead from New Zealand under the art direction of the HuffPost team in New York. Together we crafted the story around the concept of a rigged, unwinnable game to upset the darkness of its content with a bright visual direction that's both charming and unsettling.

This project became Huffington Post's most read story of 2017 despite it coming out in December and it won quite a few awards including a Webby for Best Individual Editorial Experience, three SPD awards including Best Editorial Experience, Best Animated Content and Best Custom Feature Design. It claimed site of the day for the FWA, Awwwards and CSS Design Awards and it won Silver in the Large Scale Website category in the New Zealand Best Design Awards

Check out the article here.  
America's Most Admired Lawbreaker
Huffington Post Highline

The Huffington Post published a sprawling 15 chapter exposé by New York Times bestselling author Steven Brill about the saga of corruption surrounding Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky concerning the aggressive push of the antipsychotic medication Rispedral to children and the elderly and it's devastating effects. 

I was in charge of the art direction and produced over 60 illustrations in the space of a month. The project went on to win several journalism and design awards including an Awwward SOTD, a Webby nomination, a CSS Design Award and a Gold at the New Zealand Best Design Awards among other honours. 
ZETLAND digital newspaper
Zetland Denmark

A digital newspaper specialising in e-singles journalism, Zetland promotes thoughtful content with award-winning, immersive design to create an intimate reading experience and a fresh perspective sorely needed in our shallow era. I've created a number of illustrations and animations that tackle topics in the spheres of digital science and economy with showmanship and a dash of humour.   
WTF is data science?

The Thinkful team commissioned a long-form editorial story about data science. Our solution took most people’s immediate reaction to the words “data” and “science” (boring and confusing) and flipped that on its head. We aimed for a design that was bold, confident, entertaining and interactive.

I art directed this project and also created most of the artwork and animation, I worked closely with my team of developers and 3D artist in order to foster a creative environment of collaboration that resulted in a tightly designed outcome that runs super smoothly and was achieved in a relatively short timeframe.  

This project has won an Awwward Site of the Day, a CSS Design Award and will be featured in a book by Sandu Publishing called Interactive Design for Screen.
Listen to america
Huffington Post

In 2018, in preparation for the midterm elections, HuffPost asked us to expose a cross-section of views and opinions from interviews conducted to people of all walks of life across America in an interactive format.

The design solution is an unbroken line that follows the users down the page and draws the portrait of each individual, one at a time, as users listen to their thoughts. The line is a metaphor for the connections between people, places and ideas. I was part of the team that pitched the creative concept, co-art directed the project and made several of the illustrations. 

The project went on an win several awards including gold at the Best Design Awards – Large Scale website category, a CSS Design Award site of the day and a FWA.

Check out the project here.

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