​​​​​​​A year Prior to the release of this project, The Huffington Post took on a road trip across the USA interviewing around 1,700 people about their concerns for their communities, politics and economic future. In 2018, in preparation for the midterm elections, HuffPost asked us to expose a cross-section of views and opinions from these interviews in an interactive format.

The design solution is an unbroken line that follows the users down the page and draws the portrait of each individual, one at a time, as users listen to their thoughts. The line is a metaphor for the connections between people, places and ideas.

I was part of the team that pitched the creative concept, co-art directed the project and made several of the illustrations myself. The project needed more than 200 single stroke portraits, which was a difficult task given the tight time constraints, so I helped scout a couple of freelancers, managed them and guided them  to deliver files compliant with what our developers needed to make the idea sing. 

The project went on an win several awards including gold at the Best Design Awards – Large Scale website category,CSS Design Award site of the day and a FWA.

Check out the project here.

i made these too:

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